The JUPITER Project

The energy grids of the future are to become more efficient, dynamic and decentralized. Smart Grids shall enable the "Internet of energy" by coordinating a wide variety of distributed electricity producers and consumers. An important component will be the so-called Smart Meter Gateway (SMGw), which will provide a link between the Smart Grid and the respective households or factories as a central interface in the information network. So far, however, a lack of acceptance has been noted among potential end customers. In particular, the smart meter gateway so far is seen as expensive but without added value and there are explicit fears regarding data protection. The aim should therefore be to build on a secure base platform, on the one hand an App Store, analogous to existing mobile App Store, which meets high standards of certifiability and security, as well as also requirements for modularity, comfort and future security. On the other hand, a practically applicable procedures for the protection of the collected user data in smart metering, in the sense of privacy-by-design.